Animal Bingo in Spanish to PrintAnimal Bingo in Spanish to PrintAnimal Bingo in Spanish to Print

Animals Bingo in Spanish to Print

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Play with your family or your students having a good time and learning the animal names in spanish in a very simple but above all fun way with this Bingo !!

Play with the family with the little ones or your students having a good time and learning the animal names in a very simple but above all fun way!!

 This bingo game is ideal for kindergartners who are learning the names of animals and also for kids or even adults who are learning to read and write in spanish.
 These bingo cards feature colorful designs of cute animals that undoubtedly will get the attention of the kids.
 Ideal for foreigners learners.  Spanish as a second language.

The bingo has 48 different animals in spanish: 

Buho Pollito Cangrejo Gato Ardilla Tigre Elefante Lagartija
Cotorro Pulpo Caracol Grillo Oveja Tiburón Zorro León
Pájaro Sapo Cerdo Gusano Burro Vaca Gallina Lobo
Cisne Ratón Cocodrilo Hipopótamo Caballo Venado Gallo Mariposa
Abeja Serpiente Conejo Hormiga Mosca Ballena Oso Mono
Araña Tortuga Delfin Jirafa Murciélago Pez Pato Perro

This set contains:

  •  30 different bingo cards , size 1/2 letter ea. in pdf format.
  •  Bingo deck.


Tips and recommendations:

  • You can print the bingo cards and decks in light cardboard, and cover them with Con-Tact self-adhesive paper so that they last longer, so they are more firm and protected. And you can play it many times.
  • When you're calling the bingo cards you can make noises and gestures before saying the word, this way you will make the game more fun. For example, for León "LION" you can make lion's noises and gestures : D so the kid can answer "LEÓN!!" so you can give him/her a point. Remember, the more fun you do it, the better the kids will learn.
  • If you are teaching Spanish as a foreign language, To play bingo you can pronounce the word in English and give "a point" to whoever says it correctly the animal name in their native language and vice versa.
  • Let the students call the cards :D
  • Later you can complement the learning with the sets of crossword, puzzles, memory game, letters soup, among other games of these same animals which we have to print.

 We hope you enjoy our work but above all very useful.

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