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Have fun with your students learning how to describe people in English with this bingo game.


   These bingo cards have colorful clothing designs, accessories, features and colors that will catch the attention of your students.
Students can learn to describe people in English with this simple game !!

Ideal to whom are learning English as a second language! for teaching English as a foreign language!

The bingo of 48 different features:

Skirt Dress Jeans Pants Shorts Cap Hat T-Shirt
Shirt Shoes Sneakers Heels Socks Glasses Jacket Sweater
Tie Scarf Blouse Suit Thin Fat Short Tall
Bald Curly hair Straight hair Short hair Long hair Black hair Blonde hair Brunette hair
Ginger hair Ponytail Braids Beard Moustache Brown Gray Pink
Orange Purple Black White Blue Green Red Yellow

Audio Mi Apariencia en Inglés para Imprimir y traducciones

This Set contains:

  • 30 different bingo cards of 4 x 4, size 1/2 letter each, in pdf format.
  • Bingo deck.

loteria mi apariencia ingles baraja

 Recommendaions y Tips:

  • You can print the bingo cards in light cardboard, and cover them with Con-Tact self-adhesive paper so that they last longer, so they are more firm and protected. And you can play it many times.
    If you are teaching English as a foreign language, To play bingo you can pronounce the word in English and give "a point" to whoever says it correctly in their native language and vice versa.
  • When you're calling the bingo cards, before you say the word you can point out someone of your students who has, whether it's clothes, accessories, hair types, etc. that represent the card you are going to call as a clue, in this way the game will be more fun because the students will try to guess the word. For example, for the SKIRT card you can point to someone who is wearing a skirt and say "SHE'S WEARING A ...." and so they can answer SKIRT !!! .. Give an extra point whoever says the color too "PINK SKIRT ". Remember, the more fun the easier it is to learn .. Another example could be, point to another student and say "HE IS WEARING _____" .... GLASSES !!! , HER HAIR IS LONG AND_____ "CURLY !!! or STRAIGHT or BLOND," HIS EYES ARE ___ "BLACK !!, etc.
  • Also you can show the card covering the text, so the students can guess the card. You acn ask,  "WHAT IS THIS? f s about an object; or "WHAT COLOR IS THIS" f is about a color, or "HOW IS HER/HIS HAIR?" f is about the hair, y así.
  • At the end of the game, you can show some pics of regular or famous people so they can describe them. You can ask to describe someone from the classroom or school, any student, teachers, principal, janitor, etc. Have fun!!!
  • Let the students call the cards :D

We hope you enjoy our work, but above all very useful.


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