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Mood Bingo to Print

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Have fun with your students with this mood bingo, learn about emotions and feelings.


These bingo have colorful designs that represent funny moods that will catch the attention of your students.

Ideal for kids and even adults!!
And so for teaching English as a foreign language! 

The bingo contains colorful designs of 48 different Moods:

Affraid Angry Annoyed Bored Busy Calmed


Confused Cool Crazy Defeated Disappointed Disgusted Dizzy Embarrased
Excited Fine Frustrated Furious Happy Hopeful Hopeless Hungry
Hurted In love Indifferent Lonely Nervous Optimistic Proud Relaxed
Sad Satisfied Scared Serious Shy Sick Sleepy Sore
Stressed Surprised Suspicious Thoughtful Tired Upset Worried Depressed

This Set Contains:

  • 30 different bingo cards of 4 x 4, size 1/2 letter each, in pdf format.
  • Bingo deck.

Recommendations and Tips:

  • You can print the bingo cards in light cardboard, and cover them with Con-Tact self-adhesive paper so that they last longer, so they are more firm and protected. And you can play it many times.
  • If you are teaching English as a foreign language, To play bingo you can pronounce the word in English and give "a point" to whoever says it correctly in their native language and vice versa.
  • When you're calling the bingo you can make noises and gestures before saying the word, this way you will make the game more fun. For example, for DIZZY, you can say: "I FEEL.." and start tumbling around, or stumbling turning your head. : D so the kid can answer "DIZZY!!" so you can give him/her a point. Remember, the more fun you do it, the better the kids will learn.
  • You can ask your students to act the next card, for example, if you draw the CRY card you can show it to a student, then the student must act like this card, he can act to be crying like a baby, so the rest of the students can guess and say CRY!!!!
  • You can ask questions too, like "if Santa doesn't bring me any gifts at Christmas, how will I feel?" SAD - or, "if my crush smiles at me i will feel__________???" HOPEFUL - or, "if I studied hard the day before the exam, I will feel______" CONFIDENT, and so on.
  • Let the students call the cards. :D

We hope you enjoy our work, but above all very useful.


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