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Food and Drinks to Print - Game to Learn English Food and Drinks Bingo to Print - Game to Learn English

Food Bingo to Print

Manufacturer SuperateJugando
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Have fun with your students learning the names of foods and drinks in English with this bingo game. They can learn to answer easy questions like: What do you have for breakfast?, what's your favorite food?, do you like apple pie?


   These bingo cards have colorful numbers design that will catch the attention of your students.

Ideal to whom are learning English as a second language! for teaching English as a foreign language!

This bingo feature colorful designs of various common drinks and meals. There is fast food, junk food, healthy food, desserts, fruits, drinks, etc.

This bingo has the 48 food and drinks listed below:

hamburger hot dog ice cream pizza cookies frencha fries donuts chips
eggs salad soup sandwich rice chocolate popcorn cake
coffee beer milkshake juice soda tea lemonade milk
ham jam bread bacon meat fried chicken cheese hotcakes
fish chicken candy sausages strawberry orange water popsicle
corn dogs meatballs muffin apple pie toast spaghetti bananas

Audio Food, Writing and Translations in English

This Set contains:

  • 30 different bingo cards of 4 x 4, size 1/2 letter each, in pdf format.
  • Bingo deck.

loteria Comida ingles imprimir baraja

 Recommendations y Tips:

  • You can print the bingo cards in light cardboard, and cover them with Con-Tact self-adhesive paper so that they last longer, so they are more firm and protected. And you can play it many times.
  • When you call a card, you can do some mimics before so your students can gest the card, for example: with the ICE CREAM card you can pretend to lick an invisible ice cream, or peel a banana with the BANANA card, the student will get excited guessing the cards, you can give a point whoever first answer correctly.
  • You can ask to your students WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR BREAKFAST? so your student can answer "HAM and EGGS", "HOTCAKES" etc.. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? so your students can make their own answers, WHAT WILL YOU HAVE FOR LUNCH? some may answer SANDWICH, APPLES, etc,  WHAT DO YOU EAT AT THE CINEMA?  - "POPCORN" for sure, and DRINK???  SODA.  This activity will improve your class.
  • Studens can make their own combinations: "CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM", "BANANA CAKE", "LEMON POPSICLE", "ORANGE JUICE", "STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE", "APPLE PIE", etc. give a point every fresh idea :).
  • If you are teaching English as a foreign language, To play bingo you can pronounce the word in English and give "a point" to whoever says it correctly in their native language and vice versa.
  • Let the students call the cards :D

We hope you enjoy our work, but above all very useful.

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